Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Global Alliance for Justice Education Conference

Why do we underestimate the depth of Youth? I just put on a 4 day Shadow Liberation workshop with students (mostly 1st year students) from Jindal Global Law School to craft this Forum Theatre performance for 200+ audience members, from 50+ countries. We devised the script and rehearsed for 3 days, then put up the show on the 4th, and the performers where reflective and insightful. This cross-cultural show was dynamic because the style of intervention in the forum was so diverse.

In the scene depicting Sexual Harassment: People activated bystanders to interrupt the act, asked the man how his mother would feel, and even one man came and started sexually harassing the perpetrator.

In the scene depicting Domestic Violence: some people chose to have the women assert herself, or have other family members intervene. One man came onstage as the neighbor and confronted the abusive father in a very graceful and warm but still firm manner, it was amazing, really.

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