Monday, December 3, 2012

Sahabhaga: Festival of Participatory Performance

Young artists gather close with LOK, Indians largest youth led arts initiative.

At the crossroads of tradition and technology a new generation of artists are forging innovative practices and productions that engage with contemporary social and environmental problems. I created the Sahabhaga: Festival of Participatory Performance as a space to exchange, learn and, most all, participate in this creative movement. This performative dialogue centered around 3 questions:
  1. What are the most compelling and creative ways of inviting participation?
  2. How do modes of participatory performance reflect their cultural context?
  3. How can performance awaken the impulse to act for a more just world?

Yours Truly Theatre gave a dynamic Playback Theatre performance (above). In addition to Playback there were workshops and performances including, Forum Theatre, Legislative Theatre, Drama Therapy, and Devised Dance Theatre.

Shadow Liberation presented a preview performance of Ramayana Remix for Sahabhaga. In the pictures above you can see the beautiful shadows and costumes of this epic production.

Srishti students warmed up the stage and hosted the evening performances with energy and style!

Through authentic movement, text and image Disbelieve (above) embodied our deeply conflicted outer and inner worlds, the violence and chaos as well as yearning and desire. Produced by Studio for Movement Arts and Therapies- SMART

Headlining the festival was Kilusan Bautista with his solo performance, UNIVERSAL SELF, which he describes as "a creative and cutting edge presentation of the contemporary struggles for working class, Filipino Americans in the diaspora and the interconnectedness of Hip Hop culture with indigenous, tribal Filipino cultural expressions."

See more pictures on the Sahabhaga Facebook Page, and read more about the amazing workshops at

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