Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Manual Cinema in Chicago

In a warehouse studio, Manual Cinema is in the early stages of rehearsing their upcoming show, ADA/AVA, which will debut June 13th-16th in the Pivot Arts Festival. Their clean, fast paced, heavily film influenced style of nonverbal shadow theatre is magnificent. 

ADA/AVA has 3 active overhead projectors, facilitating quick cuts, smooth fades and lucid double exposures, while a 4th overhead projector comes in at times for special effects.

In my conversation with Sarah Fornace she said "We live in a society where we see 2 dimensional images all the time without thinking critically about it. In shadow puppetry you can see the seems." Hanging out with Manual Cinema defiantly got me thinking creatively about how images are constructed.

Now for the video. Check out this music video they did for eighth blackbird.

Here's the trailer for their latest production, Lula Del Ray

If you're in Chicago you can see Lula Del Ray at Theater on the Lake, June 26th - 30th. Don't forget to like the Manual Cinema on Facebook for updates, and check them out on Vimeo for more videos.

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