Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dark Materials in Seattle

I met Nick Hubbard (Dark Materials) in a Seattle cafe today, and I chatted him up about Shadow Theatre. Nick said, "Puppets in general and shadows even more so have an inherent quality of magic and wonder." He went on "because the images aren't fully fleshed out there is room for us to build our own imaginative interpretation of the image, which helps stories solidify in our memory."

Nick is currently the President of Puppeteers of America, and as established as that may seem, he is all about experimentation. We spoke about overhead projectors, moving light sources, various materials and screen textures. The pictures in this post come from the Dark Materials Flickr, and you can see his updates on Dark Materials Facebook.

Check out the video reel of puppetry design and performance work by Nick, 2008-2011.

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