Monday, April 1, 2013

World Social Forum Tunisia

Yes, another world is possible! The World Social Forum transported me back to 1999, organizing for the protest against the World Trade Organization in Seattle. There were people from around the world, championing issues ranging from sustainable development to opposing violence against women.

Pictured above is Corrine Kumar, inspiring activist, storyteller and friend. This is at one of the many session put on by El Taller. Their work with the Courts of Women is quite dynamic, as they center the experience around witnessing with an emphasis on community healing.

Above is an image from Forum Theatre Tunisie, who gave workshops and performances in the World Social Forum. It was a reminder of how images have the power to transcend language, as we explored issues ranging from voter apathy, to the European horse meat scandal.

For International Day for the Elimination of Racism this theatre group from the south of Tunisia performed a piece of musical street theatre celebrating their identity as Tunisians to bring to light the racism that exists within Tunisian society.

Riding the Metro and walking through the streets gave me a real feel for daily life in Tunis.

I went hiking with Rando Camp Club in the Mountains of the border of Algeria, and soaked in the natural beauty of the countryside.

Historic Sidi Bou Said was sunny and picturesque on the day I visited with my friends. But don't be fooled by look of the water, I jumped in and I can tell you, it was freezing cold!

What I'm taking with me from Tunisia, besides some painted bowls, is the strength of friendship. The friends I made were so kind and generous right off the bat, I think Tunisia has a lot to teach the rest of the world about what it means to be friends.

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