Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ramayana Remix in Kolkata

After a 29 hour train ride from Bangalore to Kolkata, the Shadow Liberation crew hit the streets to act out high energy scenes as a promotion for our preview performance of Ramayana Remix.

Once again we had the honor of collaborating with LOK, Kolkata's own youth lead arts movement (see Come Together about our last collaboration). LOK actors and dancers joined our rehearsals to infuse local talent into our epic production.

We put on the show outside Shrimati Art Gallery, in a beautiful open air courtyard theatre. The courtyard quickly filled beyond capacity with a young enthusiastic audience. The crowd was cheering so much at some points the performers were pausing after each line of dialogue!

Thanks to Rajat Mitra for the photos. (see his FB album). Thanks to Shrimati Art Gallery for putting up with our long noisy rehearsals. And of course thanks to LOK for everything!

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