Saturday, December 15, 2012

Muktadhara-V: Forum Theatre Festival

Every other year Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners from around the globe flock to Kolkata for Jana Sanskriti'Muktadhara: Forum Theatre Festival. This is my second time attending Muktadhara. 2 years ago I came with my show at the time, Gender Shadow (see my posts from Kolkata 2010)

What I love about the festival is that the Forum Theatre pieces from around India and the world, are followed by traditional performing arts. The above picture is of a dance group from Orissa.

I think one of the most amazing things about Jana Sanskriti is the mass movement that they have built over the years. They quote Boal in saying they are the largest Theatre of the Oppressed movement in the world! And I don't doubt it.

This year I brought Shadow Liberation performers with me and we went with Jana Sanskriti out into a village in rural West Bengal for an evening of Forum Theatre with the locals.

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