Friday, September 7, 2012

Shadows of Hope

Taipei, Taiwan: How can the texture of the shadows set the tone for personal stories? Story Encounter and The Garden of Hope Foundation brought together a group of volunteer actors for a 3 week workshop and performance series exploring Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Similar to Gender Shadow and Shadow Liberation, we worked with the personal stories of participants to create an original shadow infused Forum Theatre production.

Through dance and games we kept a playful spirit in the group as we dug into taboo materiel. My co-director Chia-Wen Lin did an awesome job juggling translating and creative leadership, and we were continually having the same thoughts at the same time. So in tune.

See the Awakening News Network article that goes with the above video, shot at our press conference preview.

We did 5 performances in the third week of the project, including one performance for women who stay in a shelter. As tears ran down the cheeks of audience members and performers alike, we were all reminded of the power of theatre crafted from personal stories. Some audience members who strongly identified with the stories were able to comment and/or come on stage and intervene in what became a transformative night in the theatre.

The Garden of Hope Foundation plans on continuing the performance throughout the year. So keep up with the latest on their Facebook page.

Thanks to The Garden of Hope and Story Encounter for making this possible.

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