Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bang Bins for Climate Justice

With dust bins for drums we banged out infectious rhythms, danced, chanted and made original street theatre. In the picture above the guy is shouting about saving water but really that's the last thing that she wants to hear because she has to pee so bad. This training was sponsored by Centre for Social Action at Christ University and organized by Reap Benefit.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

South Indian Dalit Theatre Festival

Theatre artists and culture critics from across South India came together at Econest in Vagamon, Kerala for the South Indian Dalit Theatre Festival hosted by Chindu. Shadow Liberation hosted a lively shadow dancing session in the first evening.

There were powerful moments of debate denouncing the caste system and moving performances that reminded us of the deep human suffering that results from systemic oppression.

I lead an interactive workshop,"In the Dark", where we creatively strategized how to illuminate the shadows of social injustice. Think Rainbow of Desire meets the shadow cast by the caste system. See more pictures on the Shadow Liberation Facebook page.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Shadow Liberation Trailers

The stage at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication came to life as the performers of Shadow Liberation gave a teaser performance and screened our trailers.

The Director of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Mrs. Maya Chakravarti V, described the performance as "an amazingly soul searching, yet equally entertaining performance...The message through the medium is sure to shake audiences out of their complacencies and speak up against social atrocities." (see her full message on here)

The audience was lively and energetic as they joined us on stage to dance at the end of the performance. See more pictures from Symbiosis and from the making of the trailers on the Shadow Liberation Facebook page.

We followed up our performance at Symbiosis with another performance and screening at Jaaga: Creative Common Ground the same night, where our preview was again met with great enthusiasm.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Playback Theatre x Rainbow of Desire

Dancing between Playback Theatre and Rainbow of Desire this collaborative cross training between Yours Truly Theatre and Shadow Liberation was a dynamic and beautiful process. As the Playback actors intuitively uncovered the story inside the story, the Shadow Liberation turned inward with the introspective image theatre techniques of the Rainbow of Desire. We look forward to further collaboartions with Yours Truly Theatre. See more pictures from the workshop on Shadow Liberation's Facebook page.