Friday, October 28, 2011

#occupy Homelessness

This group of Homeless performers is out to make a real change. Through Forum Theatre Concrete Justice, of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, is raising awareness about the critical issues faced by homeless in the city. I had the honor of helping out with sound at their performance, as well as workshopping their play to make it more street theatre friendly. I also joined the troupe on a trip to Occupy Wall Street to scout out the scene for a performance there.

In addition to Forum Theatre, Concrete Justice is putting together a Poetry Book and they could use your support. Check out the cool pledge incentives in their kickstarter campaign

The Immigration Circus

It has been a pleasure to spend 6 weeks developing the original Forum Theatre pieces for the upcoming series of performances of Immigration Circus. Under the creative direction of Katy Rubin, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, and Mino Lora, Peoples Theatre Project. Read more about the project in the Article Published in the NY Daily News

Unfortunately I won't be around for the performances because I'll be back in India already, but for those of you in New York I highly recommend it. Details are available at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Practice of Play

Here I am at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology after giving a workshop for counseling psychology students. We had a good laugh while playing and reflecting upon Drama Therapy in practice.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Seasons of Appreciation

As the colors on the leaves change I wrap up my adventure guiding a group of educators in the practice of Drama as Critical Literacy. The image about contains leaves with appreciations from the group I worked with in Cave Springs Georgia on the original trail of tears. The students projects included a shadow puppet performance about bullying, a monologue from Sojourner truth and a multi media piece about communication between deaf, or hearing impaired, students and their parents. @Lesley University #DecolonizeTheClassroom

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As the buzz about Occupy Wall Street gains momentum, I went to Wall Street with a handful of artist from the People's Theatre Project to offer an open workshop. We played a few games, did a mini-forum and some image theatre. Demonstrators young and old joined in the creative process of envisioning where this movement is heading. Read more about the workshop in the Manhattan Times article (in English and in Spanish). See more pictures on the Uptown Collective website. Read personal testimonials from the 99% at