Friday, July 22, 2011

Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed

Today Arzu Mistry and I presented about Gender Shadow at the 17th Annual Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference in Chicago. After a slide presentation we did some Image Theatre and DJing Images (pictured bellow) to facilitate our transition from naming issues into shadow exploration of the themes. "Without talking, they position their bodies in a still pose, to express their opinion or idea or experience of the theme." Boal (2002, p.177)

After a couple DJing Images songs warmed the group up to the language of Images, we were ready to turn the lights out. We hung 2 white sheets from a rope with laundry line clips and projected on them from behind with over head projectors. Some participants made shadow masks while others played with transparencies and color cellophane. Shadows and light contrasted like the known and the unknown, the desired liberation and the reality of oppression.

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Boal, A. (2002). Games for Actors and Non-actors (2nd ed.). (A. Jackson, Trans.). London: Routledge.