Friday, April 1, 2011

Engendering Justice: Evergreen State College

 In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month I gave a workshop as a part of Engendering Justice, Visual and Performing Arts Festival presented by Office of Sexual Assault Prevention at The Evergreen State College.

Above is one group in the workshop performing a shadow skit depicting intergenerational cycles of violence. The other group dealt with breaking down gender stereotypes and binaries. At the crux of this piece was the notion that although we don't like it when other people push gender stereotypes on us, we play a role, consciously or unconsciously, in policing gender stereotypes on others.

The whole workshop started off with a brief inspirational presentation about Gender Shadow.

The above image is a part of a mural project I did at  The Evergreen State College in 2003.

Much love to all survivors and thrivers  who share their stories and work to end the sexual assault epidemic!

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