Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drama as Critical Literacy

“The hardest thing in the world is to help someone else know something for themselves”

~ Dorothy Heathcote (2006) Becoming a teacher-employing drama into the classroom

I had the honor of teaching Drama as Critical Literacy to this group of teachers pursuing their Masters in Education through Lesley University's Integrated Teaching through the Arts program. This cohort is in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.
At the end of this course students expressed their commitment to addressing issues of oppression, and their excitement about using Drama in their classrooms this school year. The following quote was used by a student in her final paper:

“Together, students can work toward creating ideas about what can be done to eradicate the racial problems that they identify in their schools, in their communities, and around the world” (Davis 2007)

Davis, J.R. (2007). Making a difference: How teachers can positively affect racial identity and acceptance in America. The Social Studies, 98(5), 209-215.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Future of Learning Institute

At Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero
I had the honor of being a faculty fellow at the Future of Learning Institute, I creatively conspired with educators at the crossroads of globalization, the digital revolution, and advancements in neuroscience.
At Project Zero the work is more about keeping questions questing, as opposed to providing answers. The pictured educators are playing with their questions at the edge of the unknown future.
Here I am with Howard Gardener, best know for his theory of multiple intelligences. Howard is still actively engaged with GoodWork, a project promoting excellence in quality, socially responsibly, and meaningful work.