Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reflection from Riverside

I'm thankful for the 10 day residency I did at Riverside, as it helped me unlearn some of my assumptions of what education is and reminded me of my love for little kids.
In the picture above you see parents opening up with their parenting challenges and sharing strategies through line repetition, role play, forum theatre and dialogue. After the workshop parents voiced their appreciation for the nonjudgmental space to connect with other parents about the struggles and joys of parenting pre-teens.

I facilitated 3 Professional Development workshops for teachers around integrating drama into the curriculum and creative participatory assessment using the Studio Habits of Mind. See the teachers doing Image Theatre during the workshop(below).
The democratic pedagogy and civic engagement at Riverside is drawing a lot of attention, because the students are creative, socially aware and academically out performing students from top elite schools in India. See the students speak in this Design for Giving video

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