Monday, February 15, 2010

Residency at Riverside

Today was my first day on Residency at the Riverside School in Ahmadabad. Founded by Kiran Sethi who I met at Harvard's Project Zero where we were both Faculty Fellows last summer.(see blog post) When I arrived 2 second grade students gave me an impressive tour of the beautiful school. Check out Kiran's TEDIndia Talk below.

In the TED talk above Kiran speaks about aProCh, a protagonist in everychild, which is a student initiated project to make the city more child-friendly. From what I've seen so far, I'm inspired by the liberatory nature of the education at Riverside.

I'm working with a small group of 9th grade students today to adopt 2 cases from the Design for Giving Contest into inspirational narratives to be published in a textbook that will be used in 120 schools. With the first and second grade students, we're doing drama games about animal adaptation and environmental stewardship. I'm also doing a Hop Theatre workshop series investigating the nature of conflict and violence with fifth and sixth grade students.

For Teachers I'll do a few professional development sessions about student centered assessment using the Studio Habits of Mind and Drama as a tool for Critical Literacy.
"For centuries we have been conditioned by nationality, caste, class, tradition, religion, language, education, literature, art, custom, convention, propaganda of all kinds, economic pressure, the food we eat, the climate we live in, our family, our friends, our experiences—every influence you can think of—and, therefore, our responses to every problem are conditioned. Are you aware that you are conditioned? That is the first thing to ask yourself, not how to be free of your conditioning. You may never be free of it, and if you say, 'I must be free of it', you may fall into another trap of another form of conditioning. So are you aware that you are conditioned?"
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Freedom from the Known, p 25
1969, HarperSanFrancisco

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