Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cypher on Gender: A Rites of Passage

Yes, it's December and that water is cold. This is a rites of passage with a brotherhood, a commitment to our process of becoming real men (not like the "reel men" images of violent hyper masculinity we're bombarded with). We are making a healing offer in commitment to overcoming the cycles of gender oppression.

The Brotherhood Cypher met at Oakland Leaf for this overnight experience of trust activities, story sharing and ceremony. The Sisterhood Cypher met the same night in another location and had a parallel process. In the morning we came together to affirm and celebrate who we are and honor our process of becoming.
This was the first of two Sisterhood/Brotherhood Cypher Overnighters that Youth Roots is doing this school year to support the Youth in their transition across the threshold from childhood into adulthood.

For more about youth roots see the video below...

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