Sunday, July 19, 2009

Student Reflections from Puppet Workshop

Video by Kritika Hora

In reflecting on the process Jonathon Wilson wrote:
"This project showed that one strong person could stand up and change the life of that one person"
and went on to write that the
"expression of teasing that causes humiliation or embarrassment should be stopped at the same time saying that we have the ability to control the outcome."
The above image is a reflection by Jai.

In her reflective poem Malvika Tewari wrote:
We were engaged in arguments between
the girls vs. boys perspectives of the issues addressed,
Like “are boys really harassed in India?”
And “does it matter how a girl is dressed?”

The above image is a reflection by Kanika Kaul.
The above image is a reflection by Rayika Sen.


  1. Evan,
    I'm still reflecting on your moves in the subcontinent, such niceness, great works. That last workshop was quite a chunk to bite off. As always you rocked it hard & did that soldier boy justice.......

    BIG UP

  2. Thanks Jackson,

    You, Arzu and the Family were such great hosts. I'm looking forward to hanging later this week in Boston. Bodega vending machine? See you soon my friend.


  3. I can't put it in words how wonderful you made the three days for us. To me the memory is like a beautiful that you play over and over again and smile each and every time.I believe in positive energy and good generated enough in three days to last a lifetime.I hope we gave you as much pleasure as you gave us.Keep spreading the joy!!

  4. very interesting. can you share a little more information about the workshop.

    is the blog the best way of keeping track of the work that you are doing?

  5. The blog is a good place to share my work, yet it needs to stay concise.

    Here is some text about the progression of activities in the workshop. If you's like more information, I can email you more details and student reflections that illuminate finer points of the process.

    Giant Puppets
    July 13th, 14th, & 15th 2009
    Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

    Guiding Questions
    • How do artists and activists design, build, and perform with Giant Puppets?
    • How can the process of building and performing with Giant Puppets be used as a catalyst for community building and the development of greater social awareness?
    • How can the D.I.Y. movement and dramatic social activism be applied to address issues of relevance to first year art school students?

    Monday 13th of July
    • Form Building
    • Team building through theatre

    Morning 9:30 -12pm

    Introduce Project
    Name Game
    Brainstorming Issues
    Personifying Issues from the brainstorm
    Writing and sketching
    Review sketches and writing
    Determine characters and sketches

    Afternoon 1pm-3:30pm
    Explain process
    Construct Bamboo and Wire form

    Tuesday 14th of July
    • Paper Mache & Painting
    • Performance Essentials
    • Aesthetic finishing

    Morning work time

    Name Game
    De-mechanizing the senses
    Personifying a Storyboard
    2 character exercises


    Details (glitter, sequence, streamers, ect.)

    Wednesday 15th of July
    Puppet Performance Workshop
    Storying Statues
    Engaging an audience

    Morning workshop time

    Name Game
    De-mechanizing the senses(warm-ups)
    finish the puppet (fabric, ropes, details)
    Technical rehearsal



    Narrative Self-Evaluations

    ⁃ Easy to read how-to
    ⁃ More in depth resource
    ⁃ Photo's of quality examples

  6. thanks evan. would be wonderful if you could email me the student voices.

    i also had a couple of questions about the workshop on gender violence that we had in hyderabad. i was one of the participants.

  7. What's your email? Mine is if you'd perfer to email me rather than put your email out publicly.