Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sustainable Design & Education - India

Picture of one of the Drishya Gardens that Jackson has been working on. It was previously an abandoned lot across from the school. Now the harvest of the garden is served in the lunch at the school.

This weekend I ventured outside the city to Earth Alive: a sustainable educational community center in the making. Part of the vision is to bring the Drishya youth out to Earth Alive. Below is a picture of me planting trees at Earth Alive.
I visited this huge Banyan Tree in the country side. We removed our shoes before entering the understory of the tree. Banyan trees are the traditional classroom of India. Class discussions where hosted in the broad understory of this beautiful tree.

Check out this Drishya collaborative design for the classroom of the future: Mobile Mandala which includes a Banyan tree for every classroom. Mobile Mandala is connected to Oakland to Bangalore curriculum collaboration of the Shelter Project

Later that day I visited a Shiva Temple. It was a full moon, but we climbed the rock face in the heat of the day, barefoot because it's a sacred mountain.

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