Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Day in India

In Bangalore I'm staying with Jackson and Arzu in Arzu's childhood home. It's a highly stylized ongoing work in progress as both Arzu's parents are architects. Pictured below is a view of part of the house from one of the garden lined rooftops.

The food is incredible and everyone thinks it's funny when I turn bright red from the spices.
Last night we went to a solo Odissi dance performance by a 12 year old girl who studies under the same dance teacher as Arzu. Pictured below is a flower design from the floor in the lobby of the dance performance.


  1. It looks wonderful so far. I'm glad to know you're experiencing their enjoyment of the fine things of life - art, architecture, gardens, and spices!

  2. glad you made it out into the lush land of bangalore. sounds like a good beginning.

  3. the flowers are an offering to the divine, many entrances have either flowers or rangoli (color powder) with yantras - its pretty cool. have a great time.

  4. Really though check out the mistry's architecture.